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Chum Blocks - 2-17-2012 Hello Anglers 

This time last year the water was still quite frigid for my taste. I think a day or so ago I had readings around 72 deg. If that holds we'll be seeing tarpon before you know it. I've been a pretty decent redfish bite this month, and been finding white bait around redfish pass. The great for bait chum blocks have become my new all time favorite way to pull in the bait. I've even caught reds in my chum slick with the castnet. They were about fourteen to fifteen inches but that lets you know how well it works. I've been finding some snook in places I didn't see them this time last year and even some with some pretty good size to them. Mostly around Sanibel so keep your eyes peeled and don't drop your guard and for goodness sake don't set your reel and rod down and lean it on the gunnel. Seems I have had a hard time getting that across to some folks. Thankfully we were in shallow water. I spotted a couple of cobia cruising Pine Island Sound in the vicinity of Red Light Bar, but not takers yet. There has been a considerable cobia bite offshore as reported by fellow anglers fishing outside five miles. I'm not sure what to make of the marine fisheries regulations. Oh well guess that's to be expected. At any rate I've been having a great month and if anyone would like to come out and tie on a red or other please just let me know and don't forget now is the time to sign up for tarpon season. 

Fairwinds and following seas, 
Capt Chris

Captain Chris Stanford, Pine Island Fishing, Matlacha Fishing
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