Hello All! Fall sure brings some gorgeous sunsets and this fall has been no exception. I've seen some stunning sunsets here lately and it gave me pause and encouraged me to thank God for letting me see it. This fall has also brought some great fishing even though we've had some tough windy days. I found along time ago that on windy days you just have to keep looking, and moving until you find a spot that has tide, wind, topography in agreement. For instance you can find a cut between two islands, with a depth change, and wind and tide at your back. Drop some bait back in that deeper spot and you might just find some hungry predator fish waiting. Since Sept we've had some great redfish days, great snook, and larger than average flounder. It wouldn't be noteworthy if it was just one or two days, but when you find fish consistently like that you begin to be thankful to be alive. All of you real angler know what I mean. Nothing like hitting it hard all day, and finding some good success, and then cruising back in with a beautiful sunset over your left shoulder. I recently took my 82 year old Grandmother fishing and we caught one of everything. She drives over from Okeechobee every so often so I can take her fishing. She's a spry 82 year old and I can only hope that I'll be as capable at that age. She caught an eight pound bluefish, a 22'' red, a 26'' snook, a 20'' flounder, "very big for here", and a handful of mangroves that were between 10 and 13 inches. She was pretty happy until I told her we'd have to throw the snook back. I thought she was going to whack me with the paddle but eventually she let me come down off the t-top and release the fish, but only after I promised to come over and take her on the east coast to keep a snook. Speaking of snook I've been seeing alot of very juvenile snook in the canals and around the docks. Lately I noticed a small school of snook and each one was in between five to eight inches. They were cute to say the least. It was funny to watch them exhibit the same behavior that their larger kin exhibit. Last but not least lately I've also been finding some tripletail around markers, redgrouper and gags not far off the beach, and a good catch of sheephead and trout inshore. The Sheephead have begun to show some size and as you all may know, the bigger ones do put up quite a fight and I like em, battered and fried. All right, this about covers up the fall fishing report, and hope you all can benefit from it. Let's all be grateful to be here and to be alive. Don't forget to pray for our troops and their families.