Hello All! Fall sure brings some gorgeous sunsets and this fall has been no exception. I've seen some stunning sunsets here lately and it gave me pause and encouraged me to thank God for letting me see it. This fall has also brought some great fishing even though we've had some tough windy days. I found along time ago that on windy days you just have to keep looking, and moving until you find a spot that has tide, wind, topography in agreement. For instance you can find a cut between two islands, with a depth change, and wind and tide at your back. Drop some bait back in that deeper spot and you might just find some hungry predator fish waiting. Since Sept we've had some great redfish days, great snook, and larger than average flounder. It wouldn't be noteworthy if it was just one or two days, but when you find fish consistently like that you begin to be thankful to be alive. All of you real angler know what I mean. Nothing like hitting it hard all day, and finding some good success, and then cruising back in with a beautiful sunset over your left shoulder. I recently took my 82 year old Grandmother fishing and we caught one of everything. She drives over from Okeechobee every so often so I can take her fishing. She's a spry 82 year old and I can only hope that I'll be as capable at that age. She caught an eight pound bluefish, a 22'' red, a 26'' snook, a 20'' flounder, "very big for here", and a handful of mangroves that were between 10 and 13 inches. She was pretty happy until I told her we'd have to throw the snook back. I thought she was going to whack me with the paddle but eventually she let me come down off the t-top and release the fish, but only after I promised to come over and take her on the east coast to keep a snook. Speaking of snook I've been seeing alot of very juvenile snook in the canals and around the docks. Lately I noticed a small school of snook and each one was in between five to eight inches. They were cute to say the least. It was funny to watch them exhibit the same behavior that their larger kin exhibit. Last but not least lately I've also been finding some tripletail around markers, redgrouper and gags not far off the beach, and a good catch of sheephead and trout inshore. The Sheephead have begun to show some size and as you all may know, the bigger ones do put up quite a fight and I like em, battered and fried. All right, this about covers up the fall fishing report, and hope you all can benefit from it. Let's all be grateful to be here and to be alive. Don't forget to pray for our troops and their families.

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Hello fellow anglers!

Apparently in contrast to many other areas of the country we are doing great down in Matlacha. The weather is awesome and we have those great afternoon thunderstorms to help cool things down. Trust me these storms are a blessing. They keep our Gulf and inshore waters cooler than they would be and it cools things off in the evening for us. I've been having a great month with good visits from family friends and repeat clients.

Some days the fishing in Matlacha and Sanibel is better than others as you might know, but all in all this has been a great month so far.

I've primarily been fishing between Pine Island, Ding Darling, Sanibel, and Captiva. I've been finding fairly good bait on grass in three foot using a little chum to bring them to me. The trout bite has been on in the evening, I've been catching a smattering of Snook, good slot size Redfish, and even some over slot size reds around the passes on some of the docks but I had to step up in leader and tackle to find out what it was. The best baits that have been working for me are Pinfish, and scaled sardines, or white bait. Most of the white bait is small but I've been finding good stuff underneath the small stuff when I chum. The Snook bite has been on like donkey kong at night and has been about as hot as I've ever seen it on some nights but it was difficult getting my bait past the twenty inchers to the bigger fish below. Seems as soon as my bait hit the water the smaller ones were on it.

Offshore and off of Sanibel and Captiva I've had some good luck with trolled baits on some King Fish and then when I found them I dropped a freelined Pigfish down and it didn't last long. On last outing we got a pair of 20 pounders and smaller macks. The Red Grouper have been good but further out, and the gags have been on as well. Using Pinfish and Shiners. I also enjoy finding fish and then trolling over and sometimes get all I want all in sight of Sanibel or Upper Captiva.

Lets all pray that our weather will hold, and lets not forget to pray for our troops, and the poor souls out in Colorado who have been dealt such a blow.

Until next time tight lines, fairwinds and following seas,

Don't forget to book a charter if you'd like to go out,

Capt Chris

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This has been a great month. Moderate to warm weather, plenty of sun, and a wide variety of fish. Started the month off right on one the first calm days and took my daughter Sarah and her friend Felicia offshore to target some grouper. We trolled for a while with no real success and then I found some rough bottom and then dropped anchor and chummed with live scaled sardines. We promptly began hooking up on almost legal Red Grouper and then the legal Gags quickly followed. We caught three in the 22 to 26 range and then we hooked up on a nice 34 inch Gag which was Felicia's first Gag and on her first offshore trip. Of course then I had to hold true to my promise to take them back to the beach on Cayo Costa once they caught their limit. Wasn't able to make it back out after that as time, and customer preference kept me inshore, but as usual here in Southwest Florida the inshore fishing is never a disappointment. Even if you get skunked every now and then you're still out fishing in one of the most beautiful places in the world. However I haven't been skunked once this month. Each trip out provided action on nice trout and quite a few very remarkable trout were caught out around the bars where the bigger fish seemed to be hanging as the bars in Pine Island Sound this month were loaded with scaled sardines and pins. Even got to watch a trio of five to six foot sandbar sharks chase bait in two foot of water. They actually looked a little like dolphin working as a team, but didn't really have the coordinated effor that you can sometimes see dolphins use to catch their dinner. Plenty of Redfish were caught this month as well. Sometimes undersize and then as the month progressed we began finding keepers and overslot fish. The snook didn't disappoint as well. Caught quite a few snook inshore using topwater plugs in the evenings mostly and one fish was a whopping 42 inch bucket mouth. Most however were in the 24 to 30 inch range. The snook will soon be back to their pre 09/10 winter numbers before long if what I'm seeing is any indication. I've been seeing a large number six to ten inch fish in the creeks and holes in Matlacha Pass and I'm looking forward to harvesting on come September. Been a while since my fryer has seen one. 

Last but not least the Tarpon have shown up with a vengeance. Seems we were headed to an early Tarpon bite and actually did around the causeway but then a week early on of cool weather and winds seeming pushed the fish back out, but believe me they are here now. Jumped fish Easter Sun evening and fought one, but as we were out for trout we didn't quite have the gear to deal with 100# plus fish. We did keep one fish on for five jumps until the reel drag seized and there it went. All in all a great month and I'm looking forward to the action heating up even more now that May is on our doorstep. If you'd like to try your hand give me a call and let's make it happen. Until the next report may you have fair winds and following seas.

Capt Chris

Pine Island Outfitters, Fish Pine Island, Fish Sanibel, Fish Matlacha Pass, Fish Boca Grande, Fish Pine Island Sanibel, Captain Chris Stanford
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