Hello all. This August has been one of the best Augusts I can recall in reference to fishing and weather for the most part. Out weather down here, with the exception of the recent TS Isaac has been great. Nice cool mornings and the days on the water never seemed to get up to more than 92 or so. Always a bit of a breeze. The redfish and snook bite was on this month. Each trip this month found almost limiting out on redfish. Some pretty good fish were caught and almost all the fish caught were in the slot. Two years ago I had a hunch we'd be experiencing a better redfish population. Christmas eve 2010 two of my clients and myself caught fifty rat reds using live shrimp and that was a pretty typical experience during that time frame. That winter I had multiple days of fantastic small red numbers like that using a gold flake DOA paddle tail jerk bait. Fishing it slow and low in the water column. Those little ones have apparently grown up. I've also been seeing those big offshore schools that the old timers talk about. At any rate we're benefitting now. Please folks take only what you intend to eat and no more and please stick to our management limits. For a good democracy to work it requires that each man police himself. The same is true for our natural fishery. This month also saw a great bite for red grouper, and snapper offshore. We caught reds up in the fifteen to twenty pound class. Good fish for sure. Limited out on mangroves, vermillions, and lane snapper and even caught an american red while not too far out. Beautiful fish for sure. The big news however for me and my clients was the reds and snook. Predominantly fishing inside Sanibel, Captiva, Upper Captiva and around Cayo Costa. I'm Still catching good numbers of snook off the beach of Cayo Costa and Captiva using scaled sardines which have been pretty plentiful along the beach as well. Hmmm? Coincidence? I think not. This has been a great month and God willing we'll see some good fishing coming up here in the next couple of months. Traditionally for me Sept, Oct has been great months for some good fish. Lets get after'em. We have a great fishery here in Florida and we need to promote it and protect it. Let's get involved and let's not leave it up to the beaurocrats and politicians to lead. Join Fishermen's Rights Alliance. FRA. You can even join the Florida Guides Assoc and stay up with what's going on. Until next month tight lines, fair winds and following seas.
Capt Chris