Hello fellow anglers! Today as I write, 3/20 the weather is a little windier and cooler than I expected it to be so I decided it would be a good day to update the blog, and catch up on some housekeeping, bookkeeping issues. However over the last couple of months some of the days that started out less than perfect or even foolhardy to fish in turned out to be some pretty good days. Matter of fact last week I went out with a family from Canada and we wound up catching quite a few reds, trout, jacks and ladyfish, and even got a couple of snook. With that in mind if you have a day to go and the weather isn't perfect then try it with care and use what you have. On windy days that turn cool, I'll try live and artificial baits and I'll try to find shore lines or island borders and passes where the wind and or tide will cooperate.
This month I've been finding some days with a good red bite, and some pretty good trout. Interestingly enough the best trout I've caught has been on a trout color skitterwalk. There have been some afternoons, with a nice tide and the winds layed down. I found a shoreline with pods of glass minnows and just started working topwaters, and softbodied jigs through those areas and caught trout in the over twenty range and half a dozen reds in the upper slot range. The artificials that have worked for me best of late have been the CAL DOA, glow shad, and gold and glow color. 1/8 ounce jig head so I could fish it slow in shallower water. If you're looking for cut bait the ladyfish have been in abundance on the outside of the bar running along the east side of the bar running along the inside of upper Captiva. That's also a good way to get kids excited about fishing too. The next couple of days look like rain, but I'll probably be out there in it and looking for that nice red.
Tight lines to all of you,